We’re a team of strategists, designers and developers that bring digital experiences to our users.

What We Do

As one of the bigges gaming communities in CIS, we’ve proven our solutions create more leads and grow online businesses faster than our competitors.


Banners, brandings, social media posting, media buying services and much more. As multi-brand company with years of expirience, we developed an in-house marketing team that know how to target the audience that you need. 

We’re #1 when it comes to Search Engines in CIS. We hold first positions in Google and Yandex on russian queries with millions of searches.
Social Media

We know how to place ads and engage users thru social media. Advertising in CIS it’s 50% tools and 50% knowing the market.
Live Reporting

We provide media-rich content from the fields, and stream it thru our channels with more than 100,000 monthly page views. If you need your live-event to be covered – count on us. 

Contact Us

We work with biggest brands in the industry as well as startups and small local teams. At whatever stage you are, we’ve got you covered.